The trucking industry has had to make quick adjustments to keep business rolling despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out three recent changes likely to remain in place even after the virus has subsided.

1. Going Contact Free and Paperless Using Technology

Virtual meetings have replaced face to face ones when possible. Not only does this keep staff members safe, it cuts down on the need for them to travel. This means long-term financial savings for truck companies.

Truck companies are replacing many paper documents with electronic ones. Paper bills of lading have been replaced by a more convenient, electronic form of the document. This move toward employing more technology saves companies money and makes the process more environmentally friendly.

2. Working from Home

Jackie Giefer, Director of Operations at Bay & Bay Transportation, reports, “Our company has had about 85% of its office staff working from home…”(June 12, 2020 HDT Trucking info)

And it’s working for them! In the home environment, communications between driver managers and drivers are more relaxed and effective. Travel has been reduced and office space is becoming less necessary.

3. Virtual Ways to Onboard New Drivers

Virtual orientation for new drivers is being used a lot more. While some of the orientation process is virtual, there are still some tasks done in-person.

“We’ve gone from a two-and-a half to three-day orientation to one and a half days..,” says Mark Walker, chairman and CEO of TransLand (June 2020, HDT).


Not surprisingly, many truck companies are experiencing positive effects due to these changes.